• The most NON-Claustrophobic tanning equipment on the market
  • Full body fans as well as the high pressure lamps with eight
    levels of adjustability
  • State of the art high pressure tanning lamps for four times
    darker results
  • No drying of the skin giving you 2-3 times longer lasting tan
  • Contoured acrylics for maximum comfort, also helps minimize
    pressure points and tan lines for the most comfortable tan you’ll ever experience
  • Zero to tan in 3-4 sessions (NO burning, NO Redness, GUARANTEED) The best tanning beds on the market for all
    skin types!
  • AM/FM/CD player

    For additional information and FAQs on our High Pressure
    tanning beds click here

  • Maximum melanin production in these 52 lamp high performance tanning beds.
  • Extra-wide, contoured body surface to help minimize pressure points and eliminates tan lines
  • Multi speed adjustable cooling fans and adjustable high pressure
  • facial lamps
  • Six Shoulder/Head tanning lamps for the hard to tan areas
  • Double cooled contoured acrylics for maximum comfort and built in Air-Conditioning, tan without breaking a sweat.
  • The most comfortable high performance tanning bed on the market
  • AM/FM/CD player

  • 360 degrees of maximum performance tanning with no
    pressure points
  • Achieve your tanning goals in shorter session times
  • Tan the hard to tan areas including your legs and under
    your arms
  • Two metre lamps will tan you from head to toe for a more
    even tan right down to the top of your feet.
  • AM/FM/CD player

  • Contoured wide body laying surface to minimize pressure points And reduce tan lines
  • 3 Way adjustability of the body cooling fans for maximum comfort
  • 3 Way adjustability of the high pressure facial lamps
  • Easy lift shock canopy
  • Achieve a base tan with shorter session times.
  • AM/FM/CD player

Versa Booth
Looking for immediate colour for a last minute function or event?
The Magic Tan UV-Free Sunless Spray Tan will give you just that
in 60 seconds!

Looking for that Hollywood Celebrity tan?
Follow-up your UV tanning session with a UV-Free Sunless
Spray Tan.

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