Got a minute? That’s all it takes to get a beautiful sunless spray tan!
For an even more spectacular tan, we recommend the “California Cocktail”, which combines a tanning session in our featured High Pressure beds, immediately followed by a MagicTan sunless spray tan on the same visit. If you have any further questions, we have all the answers. Be sure to read all of the Frequently Asked Questions by clicking on FAQ’s located on the left hand side of this page.

Before your UV Free Spray Tan session.


You should prepare your skin for a uv-free spray tan by showering and exfoliating the dry & dead layers of the top layers of your skin by using a liquid/gel body wash and a Loofah. DO NOT use bars of soap as they dry your skin and leave your tan patchy and flaky. Showering and exfoliating the night before or the day of, prior to arriving for your spray tan session is recommended for best results and is probably the most important part of the entire process. Waxing should be done at least 2 days prior.

Be sure you do not apply any moisturizers, creams, perfume or makeup prior to arriving at the salon for your spray tan session. If you have makeup, remove it at the salon prior to beginning your sunless tan.

What to wear

When you arrive for your spray tan, it is recommended to wear normal, loose fitting clothing dark in colour. Do not wear tight clothing such as spandex that may rub your skin and remove the spray tan before it has a chance to settle in. If you’d like to wear a bathing suit for your spray tan session, make sure it’s dark in colour. The room and booth is totally private, there is nobody in the room with you, this booth is specially designed to give you the most even results and is totally automated and operated by you by the press of one button. No spray technician necessary.

After your UV Free Spray Tan session.


DO NOT apply moisturizers or deodorants for 6-12 hours after your session. Wait a minimum of 6 hours after your session before you shower or sweat (work out) to allow time for the DHA to settle in and produce the tan. The longer you wait before your shower, the stronger it builds. You may see some of the bronzer washing off in your first shower, that is the tint and it is normal, what is left behind is a beautiful glowing sunless tan.

Also, this includes no swimming, no moisturizing and stay out of the rain until after your first shower.

Maintaining your Sunless Tan

Use the palms of your hands with liquid body wash for lathering instead of a loofah or washcloth. Also, use moisturizers generously as they have been proven to extend the life of your sunless tan. Chlorinated pools dry out your skin, make sure you moisturize immediately after swimming to rehydrate and reverse the dryness of your skin.

Maximize your sunless tan up to 10 days by air drying your body instead of toweling off after your shower. Then immediately moisturize thoroughly and often, to keep your tan lasting it’s longest.

DO NOT use moisturizers with oil, petroleum, petrolatum, Vaseline, baby oil, mineral oils. They are not only bad for sunless tanning, but they are a bi-product of crude oil that coat your skin and do not allow it to breathe, which actually dries your skin more. It may cause your tan to dry up quicker and flake off unevenly. It has also been said that your skin absorbs it and creates cellulite in your body. Check the products at your home and make sure it doesn’t contain it.

For best results, we offer super-hydrating tan extenders made specifically for indoor and sunless tanning. Speak with our salon associates to recommend the best product for your skin type.

PLEASE NOTE: UV-FREE Spray Tans do not protect you from burning in the sun. It is purely a cosmetic tan. If you are going to a sunny destination and looking for a base tan, speak with our salon associates to recommend the best UV tanning schedule for you. Always practice safe tanning. Yes, you can still go in the sun as well as UV tanning beds when doing a spray tan, it does not block you from building a natural tan. In fact most Hollywood stars use a High Pressure Tanning bed followed by the custom UV Free Spray tan immediately thereafter in the same visit for that ultimate movie star glow. Sunless spray tans will vary by individual.

Who uses Sunless Tanning as well as the California Cocktail?

Paris Hilton, Penelope Cruz, Cameron Diaz, Eva Longoria, Chef Gordon Ramsay, Pamela Anderson, Kirsten Dunst, Britney Spears, Jim Carey, Jenny McCarthy, Kid Rock, Hilary Swank, Mark Ruffalo, Ashley Olsen, Madonna, Tara Reid, Christina Applegate, Jessica Simpson, Tori Spelling, Lindsay Lohan and hundreds more…